Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I met a new friend today.

Today I met Mike, the owner of Genesis Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.  I was referred to him by my doctor and his nurse.  They're brilliant, and have my back, so I paid close attention.  Mike is a great guy.  Together we talked about my exercize goals including loosing 15 pounds by August 11th, starting a marathon clinic on that date, and running a marathon on December 11th in Sacramento.  He believes I can do it.  I already knew I could, but it sure feels good to have someone "in the know" second it.

So, now I commit:  I, Jacob Carr, under scrutiny of those who care, do hereby swear to get an hour of cardio work done at least three times a week.  Extra is bonus, but is not something I beat myself up about if I don't get.  

I'm going to be walking on a treadmill, riding my bike, learning  the stair-stepping machine, and best of all, meeting back with Mike on next Tuesday for a good old accountability session.

...and away we go.

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