Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Team Jacob!

Julie and I, along with every middle school girl, and lover of teen novels, read the Twilight Saga. You know the ones with the sappy Vampire Edward and his fragile love Juliet..I mean, Belle. It's a total Romeo and Juliet knock-off, but it's just so fun to read. Some times you just need fast-food, even in writing.

That being said, we went out and watched New Moon the other day. It's a movie version of book #2. It's the one where the Werewolf Jacob comes into play...sappy, I get it. Well, as many of you know, a whole "Team Edward"/"Team Jacob" campaign came out of it. Twittering girls everywhere sided with the Edward or Jacob for Belle's true love.

Personally, I was an Edward.

So why am I telling you this? During the movie I was looking at Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob. Remember him? The scrawny little punk who played Shark Boy? Well, he ain't scrawny anymore.

I decided it was time for me to form my OWN Team Jacob. 2010 is the year I'm going to finish my journey of getting healthy. Just take a look at my first post, and you'll see what I mean. I've lost 160 pounds. Now It's time to wolf-up. No...I'm not going to end up looking like the chisled Taylor Lautner of New Moon, but who cares. But I am going to have fun doing it, and really enjoy writing a blog a year from now about how much I've changed my physique.


Cancer Copay Relief gains a newsletter!

I'm beginning the wonderful task of creating a monthly newsletter for Cancer Copay Relief. At least, I think it's going to be monthly.

It's going to have great information about current research, inspirational stories, tips on dealing with cancer, how to be helpful to people who have cancer, humor, and loads of other good stuff.

Take a minute, and sign up!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grasping Hope with Full Vigor

Today has been mellow. The rain is dripping from the gutters, Eliza is watching Curious George, and my pot of Orange-Spice herbal tea is gently steeping in a press pot to my left. It smells really good.

Today I'm going to write another article for Cancer Copay Relief. I've been put in charge of writing, and organizing a press packet to introduce the world to our non-profit. We're gearing up for a big push starting as soon as our donations site is revamped. We made the auspicious goal of raising a million dollars in 2010. I figure we've got to start somewhere, and if you don't start high, you'll never stretch past where you didn't think you could achieve. Do I have a million dollar campaign inside me? I sure hope so. Is that fair? Hope? It's what I'm grasping full-force at this point.

So that's what I'm doing. Grasping hope with full vigor, lacing my boots, setting my tent toward Zion, and calmly entering the world of public relations with the knowledge that God is good, and people too; that the path I trod has been set before me by His grace. God knows we wouldn't have seen the blatant success we have seen without His help.