Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just a little update

It's the end of January. Or is it the beginning of February? I'm going to choose the beginning option.

Everything is going well with the push-up challenge. I had to take a week off because I got sick. I also busted up my legs because I ran two 5k events in one weekend. Not smart...well, it did smart...but the kind that hurts.

Tomorrow night I'm back on track with the challenge. I took my first test, and improved from 22 to 32 pushups. Not bad, given that I was sick when I did the test, too. Alls well.

I'm also really excited that Godspell is starting up in just a few weeks. Ok, in honesty, I'm totally freaked out because "I ain't gots no hip-hop in me", but I'll work it out. The dramatic and music portions are amazing, and most of the dances are really good. Ok, they're all good, we just don't do them right.


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