Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today is Thursday...which at our house means craft day.  In the recent Disney Family Fun Magazine there was a great craft that my daughter picked out.  Thus begins our journey of making bunnies.

All you need to make bunnies are:
  • A sock for the body
  • glue
  • rubber band
  • googly-eyes
  • white and red felt
  • ribbons
  • puff-ball tails
  • rice/beans/etc for weight
  • stuffing/batting
First step, make Pickle a ham and egg sandwich, and park her in front of Curious George while you collect what you need, cut out 10 felt teeth, 10 noses, and glue the "mouths" together.

Next, grab the three-year old, and let her pour 1/2 cup of barley, beans, rice, or w/e into a sock.  Be sure to hold the sock WAYYYYY open, or have a dust-pan handy.

When you've got your base, stuff the body with some fluffy cotton.  We tore up an old pillow and ripped its guts out.

Then, create a head.  We used ribbons, bows, or hair-ties.  Once you've got the head formed, it's time for a "hairband".  Use a rubber band to tie off the top nice and tight. 

Now, you've got a body, and what will become soon as you cut them into shape.  Eliza loved choosing long, fat, short, stumpy, baby sized ears.

Now comes the really fun part.  Glue googly-eyes, a mouth and a fluffy puff-ball tail on the body.  It was fun choosing from the big, medium, little, or a combination of them to form different faces.  If you think I did all the work, you're crazy.  There would have been at least one cyclops...but Eliza just wouldn't hear of it.

Then, pile all your buddy-bunnies in a basket and let them dry.  Eliza has already chosen who is the daddy, mommy, baby, grandpa, cousin, etc.  She's going to love playing with these for sure.


  1. adorable!!! :) I wanna make sock bunnies!!!! can I come over for craft day?!?! hah

  2. Super cute, Jake! What a fun Daddy you are!

  3. you are such a great dad. LOVE the sock bunnies!