Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tjocolate Babs

Today is unseasonably warm. In other words, it's nearly eighty degrees outside, with a blue sky and soft breeze when it could be frozen and snowing a few miles off. In yet other words, a perfect day to celebrate the beach!

Eliza loves baking with me, and asked very sweetly if we could bake bread. How can a father deny his 3-year old this skill? So, we decided to bake Chocolate Crabs.

First, I made some simple sweet dough from Richard Bertinet's book "Dough". While it was rising, we went to ballet class.

Eliza and I had a great time working as I rolled out 8 large balls, and 16 little squarish cuts for claws. Eliza worked hard on rolling out 16 snakes for the legs.

While she did that, I made the body by encapsulating a small handfull of chocolate chips in the ball.

When all the pieces were done, we laid out two legs in an X and washed them with egg. Then, laid the body on top, and pinched on the claws. When I say "we", I mean, I did this while Eliza painted them with the egg-wash.

When all 8 were ready, they went into the preheated oven at 450, turned straight-way down to 400 for 20 min in shifts. I watched some "Legend of the Seeker" while Eliza played outside with some empty paint tubes; frighteningly, they didn't use to be empty...

When they were done, we enjoyed the fruits of our labors!

Just like the hat says, Life is Good.


  1. you're so cool jake! if i'm back in chico for the summer, can i come make fun things out of bread with you and your kids? haha